ESW conferences bring experts together from around the country to speak about sustainability, engineering project management, leadership, and design. Interactive workshops, thoughtful discussions, and networking opportunities abound! ESW hosts conferences in North America every year.








Build Day


Build Day is a collaborative project design + build initiative that brings together students, technical experts, and local leaders to create sustainable change on the community level. Students work alongside community partners to identify a local environmental problem and plan the logistics for at least one semester. The build is then completed within a single day. 



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Project Grants


Project Grants are offered to all chapters for both new projects and for the upkeep of past projects. Applying for project grants is quick & easy, and can save your chapter a lot of resources. Chapters in good standing are eligible to apply for grants ranging from $500 to $1,000. 



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Resilient CommUnity Design Challenge


CommUnity is a national design competition that unites teams of students with local organizations to forge innovative solutions to resilience needs. Registered teams compete in a seven-month program with monthly webinars and mentorship.



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ESW Talks



ESW TALKS is a free and open lecture series focused on educating others about all facets of sustainability. This includes environmental, social, and economic sustainability, sustainable careers, environmental justice, environmental racism, and more. Working with our partners and network, we hope to further educate the community and provide further education in sustainability!



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Mentorship Program


The ESW Mentor Program partners college students with professional engineers and scientists to support and guide the next generation of sustainability innovators.



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