Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) is excited to offer Project Grants for the 7th year in a row. These grants support your chapter’s projects which require funding for proper execution. Project Grants will reopen in late summer 2022. Proposals are due November 26, 2022, with notification of award status by December 13, 2022. Funds may be used anytime during the 2023 year.

Next Information Webinar: Spring 2022

New Projects: CLOSED (Reopens Summer 2022)

Ongoing Projects: CLOSED (Reopens Summer 2022)

Outreach Projects: Early 2022

  ESW Rose Humlan plans to create a new composting system with their project grant funding

ESW Rose Hulman plans to transform their community garden compost bins using small project grant funding.



Project Grants are intended for four types of tracks:


1. Seed Projects Track 

  • These projects are still in the conceptual phase. The grant proposal is intended to give additional support to your chapter as you undergo the process of starting a project on campus or in the community.
  • ESW-HQ will offer grants of up to $500 per chapter. Grants of up to $1,000 will also be considered for extraordinary projects of merit.
  • In addition to the Submission Requirements below, proposals should include a separate page that describes project mentoring and training (Project Mentoring Plan) for team members. See the Submission Requirements section below for more information.


2. Grow Projects Track 

  • These projects are well past the conceptual phase. Whether your project is in the design or implementation phase, this grant could cover most if not all you need to complete your project. The deadline for submitting an ongoing project grant application is November 26, 2022
  • ESW-HQ will offer grants of up to $500 per chapter for any new or ongoing project. Grants of up to $1,000 will also be considered for extraordinary projects of merit.
  • Proposals under the Grow Projects Track do not have to submit a project mentoring plan. See Submission Requirements below.


3. Outreach Track

  • The Outreach Track is aimed towards outreach events that are mostly planned. Examples include K-12 outreach events, workshops (e.g. building a solar-powered phone charger), building demos (e.g. solar panel or wind turbine for educational outreach), or a one-day community service event. Events or projects not covered are conferences, meetups, speaker fees, or other events that require an entrance, attendance, or participation fee/ticket.
  • Outreach grants are used within one academic semester (or 16 weeks).
  • The Outreach Track is open year-round for proposals. Turnaround is 2 weeks from submission.
  • Active eligible chapters are allowed to apply twice in one fiscal year (June to July).
  • Typical award amounts are $150 or less (max of $200 can be requested). Grants may cover all or partial budget expenses.


More information about the Outreach Track will be available in February 2022.


4. Special Projects Track

  • From time to time, ESW may seek out projects that focus on specific interests or topics. These projects are reviewed separately from other requests and have specific criteria compared to our usual project tracks.


See Submission Guidelines for details on how to apply.



Your Chapter must be eligible to apply for Project Grants. Eligibility includes the following:

  • The Chapter is in Good Standing.
  • The Chapter has an active bank account with their university office or department.
  • The Chapter has an active e-board/officers.
  • The Project Team is committed to submitting Project Reports on time.





Submission Process

Please follow the Submission Guidelines for Seed and Grow Projects to submit your proposal. Submission requirements have changed from last year, so please read the new guidelines carefully. Chapters may choose to propose any amount up to $1,000 per itemized budget to be included in the proposal. Typical awards are around $500. ESW reserves the right to award a lower amount or partial grant.


Seed and Grow Project Proposals should be submitted using the Google Form (Now Closed). Google requires an account to upload files through the form. A committee will review the proposals, and chapters will be notified of awards by December 20, 2022. Please check your email regularly for any updates or requests. Checks will be distributed to awardees by December 23, 2022. Funds may be used at any time during 2023.


Community Outreach Grants (COGs) have separate submission requirements that are listed on the Google Form application located here CLOSED). Please check your email regularly for any updates or requests. Funds may be used at any time during the spring, summer, or fall semester depending on when you applied.


If you need an extension, please email us as soon as possible before the deadline. Late submissions without extensions will not be accepted. 


Contact Information and Questions

For any questions or additional information, please contact Sohn Cook at [email protected] (and copy [email protected]).