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Leadership Team Overview

Engineers for a Sustainable World, ESW, is a growing collection of technically-minded people looking to make the world a better a place. The Leadership Team is a team of volunteers from around the country working remotely in a digital environment to run the nonprofit side of ESW.


Our general requirements, regardless of position, are as follows:


  1. You need to be passionate about sustainability and agree with our mission, vision, and values.
  2. You do need to be able to commit time to the organization, including regular conference calls. We find that in order to be effective, most positions require 5-10hrs/week on average, fluctuating by season.
  3. Proactiveness is important for the digital environment that we work in.
  4. You don't have to be familiar with ESW-HQ - we're friendly people, and we'd love to meet you.


About working with ESW
We accept applicants from all over the country. ESW volunteers work in a digital environment. We use Slack, Google Suite, and Zoom to communicate with each other. If you aren't familiar with these technologies, no worries! We'd love to teach you.


To apply, please email a position-specific resume and cover letter to apply@eswusa.org. 


Available Volunteer Positions:

Executive Committee

Executive Director

The Executive Director (ED) serves as Engineers for a Sustainable World’s most significant fundraiser and prominent external spokesperson. The ideal candidate will be passionate about sustainability and dedicated to embedding it within engineering. Candidates should be able to articulate a vision for ESW’s role in a rapidly changing world to stakeholders including members, potential and current donors, corporations, and foundations.As an equal member of the Executive Committee, the Executive Director is responsible for helping to grow the organization’s resources to more effectively tackle large problems, supporting a large decentralized team of staff and mostly volunteers in the implementation of our strategic plan, and developing a stronger network of business, nonprofit, and academic partners.

View the full position description here.


Chapter Relations Department


Chapter Relations Coordinator

Chapter Relations Coordinators (CRCs) are the main connection between ESW chapters and ESW-HQ. They work with chapter leaders and members to create open communication between the chapter and the rest of the ESW network, make sure chapters know about current ESW-HQ initiatives, help chapter leaders with strategic challenges, and create useful content for student chapters. CRCs also reach out to new schools in target geographical areas to find faculty and students that may be interested in starting new ESW chapters. CRCs are instrumental in onboarding these new chapters and helping them get off to a successful start.

View the full position description here.


Professional Member Relations Department


Professional Relations Coordinator

The Professional Relations Coordinator (PRC) is the main connection between professional members and ESW-Headquarters. They communicate with professional members to inform them about ongoing HQ initiatives and track/implement any feedback. They also work with the other PRCs to develop and implement new initiatives that support our goals of growing our professional membership across the U.S. while empowering them to solve some of the world’s biggest sustainability challenges.

View the full position description here.


CommTech Department


Technology Coordinator

The Technology Coordinator is responsible for maintaining ESW’s website and web resources. ESW’s website runs on Nationbuilder, so familiarity with this platform is preferred but not required. We are very willing to work with a promising candidate who is prepared to teach themselves how to use the site. The coordinator will update content, create new pages, and find ways to add additional functionality to our website. They may also train other team members on how to use our website. The Technology Coordinator must also work with the Branding Coordinator to make sure the website conforms to a consistent visual identity that meets our branding standards. As ESW looks to create a stronger digital community and more robust programs, the Technology Coordinator will have a central role in growing our digital presence.

View the full position description here.


Newsletter Coordinator

The role of the Newsletter Coordinator is to write and manage ESW’s newsletter. As our main form of external communication the newsletter needs to be well written and tailored to the right audiences. The coordinator will work with departments within our HQ team to determine what information should be communicated and will decide how best to frame this content. The coordinator may also assist other members of the team in preparing written materials for both internal and external purposes.

View the full position description here.


Events Department


The Events Department is composed of an Events Director and several Events Coordinators who work together closely to ensure that the chapter hosting the biennial conference is well supported and the digital conference is well structured. The Director and all Coordinators will develop the conference theme; coordinate scheduling and content; handle all logistical planning; gain and maintain partnerships with international, national and regional sponsors; market the events; and communicate effectively and efficiently within HQ and to the ESW network.


Logistics Coordinator

The Logistics Coordinator will be responsible for working with the host chapter on logistical needs (catering, room reservations, etc.), communicating with ESW network and Marketing Coordinators to distribute information for various competitions and opportunities (abstract submissions, Outstanding Chapter awards, photo contest, etc.), developing the design challenge for both the 2020 digital conference and the 2021 biennial conference, and keeping detailed records of meetings, logistical needs and scheduling.

View the full position description here.