The Leadership Team It's Nice to Meet You!


Engineers for a Sustainable World is run by a group of dedicated volunteers distributed across the United States. The Leadership Team provides support for our global chapter network and programs. We are supported by our volunteer Board of Directors and Advisory Board.


Our Team


Sohn Cook

Zoe Bottcher

Sophie Hopps-Weber

Alyssa Recinella

Deputy Director

Build Day Program Director

Chapter Relations Director 

Annual Conference Chair 

I ensure that everything runs smoothly and oversee all our major programs. I give chapters the support that they need for successful Build Day Events in their local communities! As the Chapter Relations Director Sophie works with her Chapter Relations team on finding new ways to help our collegiate chapters thrive and succeed. I unite our membership for the biggest event on the year!

Alexandria Julius

Yamit Lavi

Kaycee Chang

Sarah Barr Engel 

CommUnity Program Director 

Professional Members Coordinator 

Membership Director 

Chapter Relations Coordinator 

I empower teams of students to create more resilient communities! I help start up new professional chapters and oversee our professional member programming.  I strive to provide our members with the best ESW experience possible! I act as a resource for chapters as they develop and reach their goals, connect with other chapters, and work to make the world more sustainable. 

Jackson Coleman

Priya Donti

Egoamaka Egbe

Blakeley Ficenec

Professional Relations Coordinator 

New Chapter Development Coord. 

Public Relations/Marketing Director 

Chapter Relations Coordinator 

Civil E.I.T. at Stantec within the Water and Wastewater Department in Dallas/Fort Worth.  I help bring new chapters into our amazing ESW network. I lead our marketing and publicity strategy at ESW. I work with chapters to help them meet their goals, especially around doing awesome projects.

Laura Lilienkamp


Jimmy Luong

Jorge Izar

Andrea Oaks

Small Projects Grant Director 

Chapter Relations Coordinator

Chapter Relations Coordinator 

Chapter Relations Coordinator 

I oversee our Small Projects Grants program and help fund awesome work around the world. I build relationships with chapter leads to promote chapter growth and leadership development. I help to keep communication open and flexible between chapters and the HQ  I help chapters keep connected between HQ and other ESW chapters, along with resources and support for any problems they might have! 

Molly Patterson


Troy Salvatore

Sebastien Selarque

Rachel Starr

Chapter Relations Coordinator 

Chapter Relations Coordinator 

International Dev Coordinator 

Chapter Relations Coordinator 

I help chapters get where they wanna go while having fun along the way.  I work with chapters to support them in their goals to make the world a better place. I work to be a contact point of the feasibility and logistics of developing international chapters. I help chapters do awesome projects through mentorship and support.

Amelia Veitch


Chapter Relations Coordinator 

I work to help chapters grow and be connected to each other and HQ.       




Kyle Gracey, Board  Chair 


Kyle uses his scientific, policy and communications experience to advance climate change and energy issues. As the Natural Resources Lead for PreScouter, he helps companies find sustainability technologies to better their products and services. As an independent digital and strategy consultant, Kyle supports sustainability organizations like the U.S. Climate Action Network and U.S. Society for Ecological Economics. His other positions have included: Research Scientist, Science Coordinator and Interim Communications Manager at natural resources accounting nonprofit Global Footprint Network; Energy & Climate Fellow at Worldwatch Institute; Executive Director at youth environmental justice nonprofit SustainUS; Environmental Policy Analyst at the U.S. Department of Transportation; and Science & Environment Consultant at Gade Environmental Group. He has significant international policy experience, having participated in numerous sustainability negotiations in the United Nations and other global meetings around the world. He has participated in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change for ten years and was a part of the Paris Agreement negotiations, working with Climate Action Network – International. Kyle also co-founded the youth constituency at the UN climate change negotiations. Kyle also serves as chair or former chair of several other nonprofit boards. He holds degrees in ecological economics, biochemistry & biophysics, and geophysical sciences & public policy. He is earning his PhD in Engineering and Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University.


Board of Directors



Rena Chen

Paulo Lopes

Brian Lange

Executive Director, Spark Scholars


Environmental Attorney

Partner + Data Scientist, Datascope Analytics, Datascope Analytics