Mentor Program




About The ESW Mentor Program


The ESW Mentor Program partners college students with professional engineers to support and guide the next generation of sustainability innovators.


Mentees receive practical advice on professional development and technical sustainability expertise to support their projects, while mentors practice leadership skills, reinforce their own subject knowledge and enjoy the satisfaction of helping aspiring engineers.


Benefits of Participating


For mentees:

  • Gain valuable technical knowledge from experienced engineers
  • Receive helpful career advice from professionals who were once in your shoes
  • Grow your engineering and sustainability network


For mentors:

  • Help an aspiring engineering student
  • Impart career advice (landing that first job, navigating internships, interview prep.)
  • Improve your communication and leadership skills
  • Reinforce your own subject knowledge and study skills
  • Enhance your resume


Time Commitment 


We recommend mentors and mentees commit to working together for at least a semester for career-based matches and a a full academic year for project-based matches. We welcome all mentors and mentees with a 45-minute introductory online meeting where we will establish a structure to the mentor-mentee relationship that will help it live up to its potential.


We expect mentors to meet with their mentees at least once a month in person, over a video call, or by phone. We encourage mentors and mentees to chat informally more frequently. The program is only as valuable as what you make it, so we highly encourage both mentors and mentees to reach out and start the conversation!


The estimated monthly time commitment for mentors and mentees is 2 hours (roughly 30 minutes per week). Expect to spend a little more time during weeks with a check-in and at the end of the mentorship, when an evaluation will be completed.


How to Apply


1. Mentees can request a mentor here during the open application months of January, May and September.

    - Mentors can apply here anytime.

2. Expect us to get back to you quickly with a match!