Meet "The Neighbour Lab" of Vancouver: creating safe spaces for after an earthquake

Johanna Wagstaffe interviews members of Vancouver's Neighbour Lab, 2018 winners of the ESW Resilient CommUnity Design Challenge. Watch and listen here.

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Sustainable Nation Podcast with ESW ED Brittany Bennett

Brittany Joins Sustainable Nation to Discuss:

  • The important role of engineers in solving the world's sustainability problems.
  • Educating and engaging Millennials and Gen Z's around sustainability.
  • The rise of sustainable engineering on campuses around the country.
  • Advice and recommendations for sustainability professionals.

Listen here.

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368: Matthew Kozuch on Youth and Sustainable Gardening.

Early childhood impressions of environmental pollution led Matthew Kozuch to seek out solutions, and while at UC Berkley he worked on several projects with Engineers for a Sustainable World.  After graduation he continued with them and became the National Build Day Coordinator. This is the first of hopefully an annual event in more than 50 chapters across the United States.


Listen to the podcast here

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Interview with ESW's Executive Director

How do you think engineers can play a part on building a more sustainable world?


In many ways, engineers have gotten us into this mess. From car-based transportation systems to the rise of oil, engineers have played an instrumental part in building the world the way it is today. That is why it is more important than ever that engineers be a part of the solution.


Engineers build the fabric of society. Every time an engineer goes to design a road, or a cell phone, or a building, they can make the choice to design it for sustainability. The engineer can choose to add bike lanes and bus rapid transit to the road, incorporate sustainable materials into the cell phone, or add alternative energy power systems to the building.


Read the full article.

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Gwinnett resident, Georgia Tech grad wins award for sustainability leadership

A Buford resident and recent Georgia Tech graduate was recently honoredfor her work developing a natural herbicide to manage weeds in a safe and sustainable way.

Grace Brosofsky, who founded the Engineers for a Sustainable World Natural Herbicides Project at Georgia Tech, received the Student Sustainability Leadership Award for outstanding achievement and progress to sustainability from the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education.

Brosofsky’s award, one of 10 selected from 230 entries, was announced at the opening ceremonies of AASHE’s annual Conference & Expo in San Antonio, Texas, on Oct. 23. According to an AASHE news release, entries were judged on overall impact, innovation, stakeholder involvement, clarity and other criteria.

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