Thomas Loughlin Named Executive Director of Engineers for a Sustainable World

Thomas Loughlin Named Executive Director of Engineers for a Sustainable World
Non-profit is an all-volunteer organization making an impact around the world

Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) is pleased to announce Thomas Loughlin as its new Executive Director. Loughlin, a New Jersey resident and a 1983 graduate of Lafayette College in Easton, Pa., previously spent 25 years at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), where he also served as its Executive Director from July 2008-January 2018.


“Tom’s experience and insight with such an esteemed organization is an incredible asset to ESW as we move into our 20 th year as an all-volunteer non-profit organization with a focus on sustainability and how to make a real difference in communities globally using not just product innovation but providing practical solutions that work in real-time,” says ESW Chief Operating Officer Sarah Innocenzi.


“Joining ESW is a natural and welcome next step for me, and I could not be more excited to join the team,” says Loughlin. “ESW’s mission and purpose is powerful and prescient and together we can do our part to change the world. I join the team in awe of the dedication, talent and passion of the many volunteers and staff working on behalf of the mission. The challenges facing humankind are formidable and the role of engineers and citizen engineers is essential to creating durable and sustainable solutions.


“ESW and ASME share critical and fundamental similarities that include a far reaching and effective student chapter presence advancing the mission and supported by a cohort of talented engineers and the history and mission of both are rooted in public safety and community.” 


As executive director of ASME, Loughlin oversaw a $120 million budget and led the organization through a major re-organization, expanding into e-commerce and forging new global partnerships. He envisions embracing some of the same for ESW.


“During my time at ASME,” he notes, “we launched, which also engages engineers and focuses on local, culturally-appropriate and sustainable solutions for communities in need around the world. Since leaving ASME, I have deepened my commitment to Sustainability through social enterprise, storytelling and investment and see that as being vital to the continued success of ESW.”


A leader in association management, Loughlin served as President/Board Chair of the Council on Engineering & Scientific Society Executives, advisor to the digitalNow conference, and co-author of the Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment research report. He also served as advisor and board member for several private companies and non-profits, including the CivicStory/Sustainability Reporting Hub, which focuses on enabling and expanding local journalism targeting sustainability. 


For more information or to speak with Tom directly, please contact Gwen Newman at [email protected] or Sophia Atwell at [email protected].


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Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pa., Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) features a network of more than 1,750 engineers – both students and working professionals - who come together to build a better world through hands-on projects around the globe and through educational outreach opportunities.