Paid HQ Positions

Leadership Team Overview

Engineers for a Sustainable World, ESW, is a growing collection of technically-minded people looking to make the world a better a place. The Leadership Team is a team of volunteers and paid staff from around the country working remotely in a digital environment to run the nonprofit side of ESW.


Our general requirements, regardless of position, are as follows:


  1. You need to be passionate about sustainability and agree with our mission, vision, and values.
  2. You do need to be able to commit time to the organization, including regular conference calls. We find that in order to be effective, most positions require 5-10hrs/week on average, fluctuating by season. Paid positions may require more time than this - time requirements are posted with each job description.
  3. Proactiveness is important for the digital environment that we work in.
  4. You don't have to be familiar with ESW-HQ - we're friendly people, and we'd love to meet you.


About working with ESW
We accept applicants from all over the country. ESW volunteers and staff work in a digital environment. We use Slack, Google Suite, and Zoom to communicate with each other. If you aren't familiar with these technologies, no worries! We'd love to teach you.


To apply, please email a position-specific resume and cover letter to apply [at] eswusa [dot] org


Available Positions:


Please check back soon for available positions as we continue to grow.