We're putting your donation to work as you read these words! Our donations go towards funding our efforts to turning ideas into tangible projects.


Your gift will help us advance our work to empower young engineers to tackle the toughest sustainability challenges by focusing on our three key priorities: building more partnerships with community organizations, growing our membership globally, and creating more opportunities for professionals to engage in building a better world.


Because of you, we can grow Build Day to reach four communities in 2018 and provide training to participants on community-based engineering by partnering with other organizations and experts.


 We will also be able to build out a team to grow our membership beyond the United States and Canada and target the communities that are most vulnerable to climate change and other pressing environmental challenges.


Finally, in 2019, we will expand our professional mentor program and reach more professionals by hosting ESW events in more cities. Our upcoming Annual Conference in April, 2019, in El Paso will have more content relevant to professionals as well.

We cannot thank you enough!