Christmas in COVID-19: Staying Safe While Enjoying the Season

This year’s holiday season has been unlike any other. As people are hoping to capture the Christmas spirit, one question many are asking is How do I stay safe while enjoying Christmas this year?

While there’s not a simple answer to this question, there are ways that you can keep safe this Christmas and still enjoy the season.

Virtual Christmas Parties

Instead of in-person gatherings with large groups, keep your susceptible family members, friends, and community safe this year by celebrating via popular video group apps like Zoom and Facetime.

Here are some ways to spread the Christmas cheer during your virtual Christmas party:

Online Games

There are countless holiday-themed games that you can play with your family from the safety of your home. Whether it’s Christmas-style bingo, a scavenger hunt, or holiday trivia, engaging with your family virtually can help you feel connected even though you might be many miles away.

Create a Christmas Playlist

What better way to set the tone than by having a Christmas playlist playing in the background while you chat with your family? From the traditional Christmas songs to more current, pop renditions, don’t underestimate the power of a great holiday playlist.

Holiday Storytelling

For elderly family members especially, giving them a virtual platform to share their fondest Christmas memories and stories can invoke the holiday spirit and help everyone forget about this year’s distance.

Virtual Team Questionnaire

For those hoping to celebrate with work colleagues, hosting a virtual team party is a great way to bond with your business team. Trivia questions, charades, ice-breaker questions, and summarizing the best parts of the year can make for a great virtual party for professionals.

Online Present Opening

Just like in-person Christmas parties, who doesn’t love seeing their loved one’s expressions when they open a thought-felt gift? Fortunately, you can still experience the gift of giving by opening presents during your virtual party!

Safe Gift-Giving Ideas 

Whether or not your family opts to have a virtual gift-opening party, you will need to find the best ways to safely send Christmas gifts this year. Here are some tips:

Online Gift Cards

Online gift cards are a great option for safe gift-giving, as they will arrive on time and there is no physical item to handle.

Shopping Online

Buying from an online store is the next safest option because you don’t have to go into a store. The shop you order from will likely do all of the shipping and handling, with contactless options to keep your loved ones extra safe.

Mailing Your Christmas Gifts

If you decide to shop locally and mail your gifts from home, be sure to shop at stores that fully adhere to the safety measures set in place. Shop early so that you beat the last-minute shoppers and crowds, and be sure to mail your gift as soon as possible so that it will arrive on time!

Keeping the Holiday Traditions

Though COVID has uprooted many traditions and family gatherings this year, there are still ways to safely celebrate the holidays with your loved ones. Keep your family and community safe this year by hosting a virtual Christmas party and sending gifts online or by mail.