Build Day FAQs

What is Build Day?


Build Day is a program created by Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW). We work to build more sustainable neighborhoods through one-day builds. We bring together students, community members, and local organizations to build a sustainable solution to improve community sustainability. Build Day focuses on pressing local issues such as stable food production, clean and equal water access, green transportation, and urban rehabilitation.

How can Build Day support my project?


Build Day can help support your project in many ways. ESW provides funding for project expenses, connection to experts and mentors, and an involved program coordinator to help facilitate project needs and deliverables. 

Who is eligible to apply?


Eligibility requirements include:

  • Chapter is in Good Standing
  • Chapter has not participated in a Build Day project within the past year
  • Chapter has designated a Project Leader, Finance, and Designers
  • At least one team member must have experience managing a local,
    community project. All levels of experience and majors are encouraged
    to apply.

How can I apply?


Interested teams must submit a brief proposal for Build Day to Program Coordinator, Allyson Schroepfer, at [email protected]. Please fill out the Build Day Project Questionnaire on the this website. Submit your application as a PDF. A committee will review all proposals after submissions close. 

When is the deadline to apply?


The specific deadline to apply varies each year. Generally, request for proposals open in September and close in mid-October.

Sponsoring Build Day

How can I support the Build Day program?


You can support Build Day in many ways:

Contact us

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