Cornell University students teach sustainability at Ithaca Children's Garden

On April 27, the Cornell University chapter of the Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) ran a free showcase at the garden. There, they installed 10 eco-friendly sustainable planters at the main entrance and within the garden. Read more here.
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Cornell students help install new planters at Ithaca Children's Garden

Cornell University chapter of Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) invited the Ithaca community to enjoy a day of outdoor fun at Ithaca Children’s Garden on Saturday, April 27. Read more here.
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RIT students hope to open eyes with mountain of trash

ESW at RIT, along with members of their student government got a head start on Earth Day by launching a waste awareness campaign. Read more here.
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CommUnity Update - Street in Victoria gets a "Neighbour Hub" Emergency Supply Bench

On March 31, neighbours of Leonard Street in Victoria, BC welcomed the newest addition to their block: a shared emergency supply bench. Read more here.
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ESW Build Day - RIT students build a better irrigation system for city garden

Over 30 students from the Rochester Institute of Technology gathered together to construct a rainwater collection system at the First Market Farm, a community garden at the corner of Pennsylvania Avenue and First Street. The students, all members of the RIT chapter of the Engineers for a Sustainable World, built a grid of troughs and pipes leading to a series of drums able to hold 930 gallons of rainwater. The idea of the water reserve system is to reduce reliance on city water as well reduce costs of pumping water to that location. Read the full article.
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RIT ESW Chapter Launches Rainwater Collection through Build Day

The Rochester Institute of Technology chapter of Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW), launched of the first rainwater collection and watering system for the gardening and greenhouse at the First Market Farm on Saturday. The event featured the rainwater collection project, which is a designed and built irrigation system that holds a 930-gallon reserve of water for year-around access. Read the full article.
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How young people can be empowered to help engineer positive change

Given that many young people today are already so passionate about sustainability, how can we better engage them in this movement and empower them to contribute their unique perspectives and talents? How does engineering tie into this picture of sustainability, and how can engineers best apply their backgrounds and skillset to help us further advance our progress towards a healthier future? Listen here to the Green Dreamer podcast featuring ESW.
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Meet "The Neighbour Lab" of Vancouver: creating safe spaces for after an earthquake

Johanna Wagstaffe interviews members of Vancouver's Neighbour Lab, 2018 winners of the ESW Resilient CommUnity Design Challenge. Watch and listen here.
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Sustainable Nation Podcast with ESW ED Brittany Bennett

Brittany Joins Sustainable Nation to Discuss:​ The important role of engineers in solving the world's sustainability problems. Educating and engaging Millennials and Gen Z's around sustainability. The rise of sustainable engineering on campuses around the country. Advice and recommendations for sustainability professionals. Listen here.
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ESW 2017-2018 Annual Report

  2017-2018 Annual Report  We are so excited to share our 2017-2018 Annual Report with all of you. We hope that you will celebrate ESW's accomplishments from the past year with us, including the continued innovation of our Resilient CommUnity Design Challenge winners and that we impacted 500+ people in two communities through our newest program, Build Day.   As we look forward to the 2018-2019 fiscal year, ESW will to advance our work to empower young engineers to tackle the toughest sustainability challenges by focusing on our three key priorities: building more partnerships with community organizations, growing our membership globally, and creating more opportunities for professionals to engage in building a better world.   Between the momentum we’ve built through our membership and the fervent calls for action on climate change from concerned citizens across the world, it’s clear that we need to prepare the next generation of problem solvers to tackle problems that no generation before have had to face.  
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