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It's Earth Day! This year's theme is Invest in our planet.

A fun fact about the first Earth Day on April 22nd, 1972, is that more than 20 million U.S. citizens participated, including 2,000 colleges and 10,000 public schools.   Read more
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ESW 2021 Retreat: Denver Colorado

Denver, Colorado, was selected as this year's retreat location. I was excited to join my fellow ESW HQ colleagues for a weekend jam-packed with strategy sessions, networking, activities, and social events. While it was a small group, representatives from various ESW HQ teams were at the retreat. Thomas Loughlin and Sarah Innocenzi joined us from the executive team. Sarah Barr Engel, Amelia Veitch, and Matthew Vu joined us from Student Membership and Marketing Communications were represented by Justin Feldis, Maria Zhra Ali, and me, Sophia Atwell.     Read more
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A Conversation with Melissa Lee, Founder and CEO of The GREEN Program

This month, ESW welcomes Melissa Lee from The GREEN Program (TGP) to the ESW blog! In addition to being the founder and CEO of The GREEN Program TGP, Melissa has received numerous awards and recognitions, including Forbes 30 Under 30, and The Stevie Awards for Women in Business. Her commitment to education and empowerment within the sustainable community has been nothing short of exceptional. In this post Melissa will provide us with some insight about the scope, goals, and accomplishments of the GREEN Program.    Read more
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Tokyo 2020 : Sustainable Initiatives

Did you know that Naomi Osaka and the team of torchbearers wore uniforms made from recycled Coca-Cola bottles during the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics? The unisex T-shirts  and shorts sets were conceived by the Japanese designer Daisuke Obana. Read more
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Welcome Our New Executive Director, Thomas Loughlin!

I am excited to introduce Thomas Loughlin, our new Executive Director for Engineers for a Sustainable World. Not only does Loughlin possess a range of skills that are relevant to this position, but he also offers a strong cultural fit for ESW as an organization. Read more
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ESW Virtual Conference 2021: The Re-cap

We wrapped up ESWcon21 last month, and it was a success! From engaging sessions and innovative content, there was a lot to learn.  In case you missed it, don't worry. I am going to summarize the main points of the conference for you.   Read more
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A Conversation with the Co-founder and Chair of Climate Change AI

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Centre County residents and ESW Member Strike, Push and Plant to Make a Difference with Global Issue

Lilly Riddle of the Centre Daily Times interviews ESW’s Penn State chapter secretary Siddharth Bellad.Bellad discusses his childhood in Nigeria, which precipitated his interest in sustainability.Click here to read the interesting interview and take on sustainability by the Centre county residence.
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Christmas in COVID-19: Staying Safe While Enjoying the Season

This year’s holiday season has been unlike any other. As people are hoping to capture the Christmas spirit, one question many are asking is How do I stay safe while enjoying Christmas this year? While there’s not a simple answer to this question, there are ways that you can keep safe this Christmas and still enjoy the season. Read more
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Seattle U’s Engineers for a Sustainable World Chapter Listed Among Top 20 Sierra Magazine Cool Schools for Sustainability

  Pittsburgh, PA — October 10, 2020 — For the second consecutive year, Seattle University has been included the top 20 "Cool Schools" in the Sierra Club magazine's 2020 list. The Sierra Club magazine ranks colleges and universities according to their eco bona fides and environmental commitments. Seattle University earned spot number 20 among the 312 colleges and universities considered. Read more
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