Centre County residents and ESW Member Strike, Push and Plant to Make a Difference with Global Issue

Lilly Riddle of the Centre Daily Times interviews ESW’s Penn State chapter secretary Siddharth Bellad.Bellad discusses his childhood in Nigeria, which precipitated his interest in sustainability.Click here to read the interesting interview and take on sustainability by the Centre county residence.
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Christmas in COVID-19: Staying Safe While Enjoying the Season

This year’s holiday season has been unlike any other. As people are hoping to capture the Christmas spirit, one question many are asking is How do I stay safe while enjoying Christmas this year? While there’s not a simple answer to this question, there are ways that you can keep safe this Christmas and still enjoy the season. Read more
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Seattle U’s Engineers for a Sustainable World Chapter Listed Among Top 20 Sierra Magazine Cool Schools for Sustainability

  Pittsburgh, PA — October 10, 2020 — For the second consecutive year, Seattle University has been included the top 20 "Cool Schools" in the Sierra Club magazine's 2020 list. The Sierra Club magazine ranks colleges and universities according to their eco bona fides and environmental commitments. Seattle University earned spot number 20 among the 312 colleges and universities considered. Read more
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What to Know About Getting an Engineering Job Post-COVID

  The coronavirus pandemic has devastated the workforce in many different industries, with approximately 43 million Americans now out of work. Compared to pre-coronavirus, the job market is even worse for both graduates and seasoned engineers, and there are even fewer opportunities in what was already a competitive job market. As you're gearing up to apply for jobs post-coronavirus, here are some things to keep in mind regarding the state of the job market for engineers.   Read more
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ESW Addressing Racism and Divisiveness

  Engineers for a Sustainable World is deeply saddened and angered by the events in Minneapolis that led to the unnecessary death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020. We unequivocally denounce racism. In the past decade or so, African Americans and people of color have lost their lives under circumstances similar to those surrounding the death of George Floyd. Systemic and institutionalized racism has become the everyday status quo. And we must work together to end this injustice.   Read more
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On behalf of Engineers for a Sustainable World...

  On behalf of Engineers for a Sustainable World,   We would like to wish YOU, the graduating class of 2020, a much-deserved congratulations on your fantastic achievement!   From the very first day you walked into school, wide eyed, full of wonder, and learning EVERYTHING for the first time, you were on a journey. A journey full of discovery and experiences that helped form you into the person you are today, and the person you will become in the future. And indeed, all those long years full of assignments, tests, class schedules, amazing highs and amazing lows, led you to this moment…your long-awaited graduation. But…your graduation is different.   Read more
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Celebrating Earth Day Virtually: 6 Ways to Raise Awareness

  Want to make a lasting impact during the COVID-19 pandemic? How about participating in Earth Day festivities?  While social distancing has moved us inside for a while, we can take this opportunity to celebrate Earth Day virtually, or in the comfort of our home with our laptop or smartphone. Read more
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Engineers for a Sustainable World to Host its First DigitalCon

Pittsburgh, PA — April 10, 2020 — Amid the recent coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic, Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW),  a nonprofit network of more than 1,750 college students and professionals throughout 50 university and professional chapters, will host a DigitalCon in replacement for the in-person regional conference and is inviting all university students and professionals to the first ever ESW DigitalCon. The event will take place on April 18, 2020. Read more
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6 Sustainable Things To Do While Staying Safe at Home

  As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to make its rounds throughout the globe, people are finding it increasingly difficult to focus their attention on anything other than the virus. Still, there are existing issues, like sustainability, that you may still be concerned about. To help you keep your carbon footprint small, even during the coronavirus pandemic, we put together a short list of things you can do to make your home more sustainable. Read more
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Engineers for a Sustainable World: Millennials Leading the Way

  Often, the members of the Millennials generation are maligned for not working hard enough to create the changes they wish to see in the world. However, some of the youngest members of the generation are working with an organization called Engineers for a Sustainable World to develop and implement sustainability projects. The bold initiatives they are implementing at their individual universities are the students’ first steps towards becoming a new generation of engineers that have a developed mindset towards sustainability. Read more
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